About the McGill’s

My name is Robin Ebony McGill but friends, family, and now blog readers (lol) call me Ebby. I am many things…mother of four, wife, bookkeeper of husband’s business, Librarian at Christian Heritage School, part-time seamstress, and hobby reader, writer, musician, line-dancer. I do all of this running off of fuel from solely organic foods (some of which we grow ourselves or purchase from local farmers).

My husband, Ken, has been self-employed for 7 years as Ken’s Construction Company. He loves his job as much as I love all of mine, and that’s a lot. He also is a den leader for Cub Scouts and Youth Director of our home church, First Baptist of Grafton. We have been married 12 years.  Over this time we’ve had three handsome boys and one angel of a girl.

Kensington is 9 and in 4rd grade this year. He plays soccer in the fall, baseball in the spring, and is a webelos scout. He is also becoming quite the pianist, and is quickly learning the drums! He’s a bright, smart kid with a big heart, big ears, and big stomach (all of which he gets from his daddy).

Lula is 8 and in 3nd grade. She also plays soccer in the fall and takes dance and plays T-ball in the spring. She love’s going to my American Baptist Women meetings and helping with the mission work. She’s kind, motherly, and cute as a button. She helps me keep the house and everyone in it in order!

Joseph is 7 and started 1st grade this year. He plays soccer, T-ball, and is the comic of the family. He makes the funniest faces and says the craziest things. He fills our house with joy and laughter. Plus, the older he gets the more giving he gets. Our tough and funny little guy can also do the most sweetest things!

Amos is my last baby, although he’ll be 6 in May! He plays T-ball with his siblings and is growing up too fast! He is pretty awesome at keeping his room tidy and enjoys building with tools like his dad. He loves to comfort any of us when we need it…He’s truly a blessing!

Since our move into our new home our family has increased in size. The first addition was a rabbit. He (or she, it’s really hard to tell, lol) is called Thumper. Sometime afterwards we took Lula to a local cat adoption center and brought home Jezebel. Lula’s motherly instinct really kicked into high gear, and she cares for Jezzy all on her own. Both animals have grown very fat and receive lots of love. Seriously, Thumper is huge! :)

5 thoughts on “About the McGill’s

    • Megan,
      Thanks so much for the positive feed! We are really excited to have our own place and are enjoying every moment of turning it into a home for our family!


  1. I will ask God to Bless you Ebony and your special family to night. Also all of your dreams. I will thank God for letting me be a part of your lives. I know that these dreams will come to reality.


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