A New Beginning…

Our New HouseWell, after 9 years of marriage to a wonderful man and 4 kids later we finally purchased our own fixer-upper of a house. So sometimes it takes a little longer for dreams to come true than you first anticipate in the beginning. No matter. Now we embark on a new beginning. One with a bright future including no land lords, rent, or mortgage, and all of the decision-making. It’s of course a huge undertaking…one that will include the cooperation from everyone in the family, but we are so excited to begin the process of restoring our beautiful new home.

We hope to repair and beautify her on possibly the lowest budget ever attempted. lol

Not only is this a new beginning for us as a family in a new home, but the house is getting a new beginning, too. Like I said, it’s a fixer-upper and that might be an understatement. This American Foursquare home was originally built in 1927, so it has been around for a while. It nearly saw its end before my husband and I purchased it. A neighbor wanted to see it demolished. :( Who can blame him really? It had certainly been let go, and no one wants to live next door to a pile of fallen in beams and broken windows. That was where the house was headed.

We bought the house for $5,000 and it is capable of being repaired. I told my husband this is why I married him. To restore this beautiful house and give it a new beginning! lol

Honestly, we bought the house, because we were on an extremely tight budget, couldn’t afford anything more, didn’t want a mortgage payment, and plan to work on the house little by little until it is fully transformed into a dream home. Circumstances put us here, but there is no where else I’d rather be. Along with a heavy workload and probably more expense than we anticipate, will come a sense of accomplishment and pride. We can’t wait to begin!

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