Beauty & the Budget

I want things to look beautiful, but doing things on a small budget is a beast. At least that’s how it is here at KerrTara (the name of our home – inspired by the hilarious, short novel “Please Don’t Eat The Daisies” and Margaret Mitchell’s renowned “Gone With The Wind”). We try to not let our low budget stand in the way of creating a beautiful space. So let me share a trick we first applied to the kitchen that will benefit every room downstairs!

Because the rooms downstairs all have open doorways (with the exception of the bathroom, of course), I wanted the same paint color to flow through every room. Being married to a contractor means I’m not aloud to use cheap paint. When I asked I heard 100 excuses why we could only get by with higher dollar stuff. But when you are painting four rooms (well…kitchen, dining, living, foyer, up a stairway, and then the hall too), that’s a lot of paint! So…

This painting project was no surprise to us. I have been planning this for 3 yrs! We started 3 years ago visiting local stores and collecting mis-tinted and returned paints for discounted prices. I just simply looked for anything close to what I wanted the finished product to look like. We were buying good coverage paint for $5 per gallon that would regularly cost us over $20.

Then when it finally came time to paint the kitchen, we said a little prayer and began our little experiment. We combined all of these mixed paints into two five gallon buckets making sure to mix them thoroughly until we had ten gallons of one color! :)

I was really impressed by the beauty of it and have received many compliments on our paint. Everyone asks what color it is, and I tell them our little story of how we arrived here. Truly the color brings to mind that old, Johnny Cash song “One Piece At A Time”. So with that in mind the color really is a High Gloss French Cream Flat Enamel Baked Scones Eggshell Sahara Sands Semi-gloss Crème Brulee Satin Finish………



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