Looking Up

I sure don’t envy those who do this job everyday! I thought after helping Kenney stomp and paint the kitchen ceiling that my neck was broke, and my head would fall off. lol But the pain was truly worth the gain!

IMG_4135This texture is called a “knock-down” which is obviously more textured than a flat ceiling, but less so than a straight stomp that is more rigid. Kenney simply stomped the ceiling, and then after it dried he sanded it…knocking down or off all of the points. This just leaves a beautiful pattern and looks less sloppy in my opinion.

However, my favorite thing about the ceiling are the rosettes, the patterns around the light fixtures. Rosettes are for those of us who can’t afford ceiling medallions but want to add something special. They make the ceiling look like a piece of art. Unfortunately, you can’t really tell a lot from the pictures.  :(

Kenney also has been finishing out my arches on the pass-thru and door from the foyer, plus the built-in shelf area. We are now ready to prime and paint the kitchen! And take a good look at the fireplace, because it is also getting a makeover soon!

On a side note, because I think in tangents, I have to mention the hilarious fact that my spices on my spice rack in the picture to the left are in alphabetical order. This isn’t funny in itself, but you don’t know the full story yet. Years ago when Kensington was first learning to put words in ABC order, I made a lesson out of having him put the spices in alphabetical order. If you homeschool then you understand how we’re always turning everything around us into a lesson. To this day, Kensy will still fix my spices into ABC order after I’ve used them and mixed them all up. (BTW, the kids entered a private, Christian school this year and have transitioned really well.)

Standing in the kitchen looking up makes me realize how blessed I am. Its just a ceiling, yeah, but its my ceiling. If I wanted to paint orange polka dots on it I could. Kenney would protest (a lot!), but you know what I mean. There’s this wonderful sense of security and accomplishment, and the list of good feelings I get just goes on and on.

Forget where I came from (we don’t need to go there), but just look at the world around us today. I learned something recently that both haunts me and makes me thankful for my own place in this world.

A friend of a friend just came back from Haiti on a missions trip, bringing with her a mud pie. I’d heard of these before. We made them in the back yard growing up and pretended they were tasty treats. But these mud pies were prepared not by children but by mothers,…and not for play but to feed to their hungry children. Children in Haiti are going to bed so hungry that their mothers are preparing them mud pies mixed with herbs and seasonings to make their bellies feel full before bedtime. I saw a mud pie for myself, and you can read about the Haitian mud pies on national geographic and cnn websites.

We should count our blessings everyday. We have no idea how fortunate we are to have beautiful homes to live in, and so much food to feed our families with everyday. It almost seems unfair. It seems unfair to me that we don’t know, because then we are more likely to take it for granted and less likely to share what we do have.

I meant to post on the house renovations, not preach, but this discovery of the mud pies has weighed on my mind so heavily. Anyways, I hope you are as blessed as we are, and when you look up you recognize some of those blessings and where they came from.


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