All Decked Out

There is something idealistic and nostalgic about a front porch. I love sitting in my rocker in the morning…taking in the fresh spring air, hearing the birds sing their morning chorus, and the occasional “hello” from neighbors on their morning walks. So completing the porch has been therapeutic for me. After sipping down a tall glass of cold milk (for most others it would be a mug of hot, highly-caffeinated coffee), I feel like I could take on any project!


Good thing too, because we have plenty of projects left to take on! But as for the porch…Kenney did a beautiful job on our covered front porch. The treated lumber still needs stained and posts need capping off, but it has come so far. :)

You can tell from the pictures we have started stripping the house of the aluminum siding and sealing it in preparation of installing the new siding. This is a project I’m really looking forward to, because I think it will make a magnificent difference in the look of the house (not to mention the warmth of it next winter).

For those of you just joining us, our porch (like pretty much everything else in the house) had to be replaced. Below are before pictures from when we bought the house 3 yrs. ago, and in-between stages when we tore the porch off.

It takes us a while to find time to complete projects around here. We are just regular, busy people with dreams bigger than our pockets, and more ambition than we have time. So we have to pace ourselves.

Coming Soon! – We recently made some progress in the kitchen!


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