The return air duct seemed to be way over my head, and I just was so uninterested in it every time Kenney brought it up. He was always planning and buying parts and eventually addressed me seriously one day about it. We were going to install the return air vent the next day, starting bright and early. I thought, Great! I wanted it done too. But Boring! I really wanted someone else to do it! And I wanted us to do something like stomp the ceilings so I could hang my new lights! (A smile creeps across my face, because I’m picturing one of Lula’s favorite story book characters, Amelia Bedelia, literally “stomping” the ceilings! lol Sorry, I think in tangents. :))

Of course our furnace was put in and duct was ran to all of the rooms downstairs last year. However, we never got around to installing the return air vent, because something else always took precedence. We were just happy to get the furnace running at the time.

So we began. We ate our breakfast muffins in the kitchen floor while sitting amid metal sheeting and drawn up plans. Then finally we finished, showered, and hit the sack at 11:30 that night. It turned out to be quite a learning experience and had its moments of hilarity, too. :)

Like, who knew that you could buy sheets of metal and have them bent at your local hardware store for a lot less than it would cost you to buy the pieces pre-cut and fashioned? We only wished we had made the plenum the same way. It would have saved us money. For those of you like me a year ago…the plenum is the big part that the heat moves into from the furnace before it branches out to each room. You know…the plenum. lol Wow! I know so much more now than I did a year ago! lol (Readers go – Oh, yeah. The plenum.)

P.S. – Understand that I blog to journal this project for fun. I am not an expert and will not come across as one…as if that needed stated and wasn’t obvious enough! lol Kenney’s the expert here. :)

Apparently, we got everything right!  My sister’s family came over around noon to visit. My 9 yr. old nephew walked in the kitchen and said casually as he grabbed a soda from the fridge, “Oh, you’re putting together a return air vent.” Kenney and I looked at each other in amazement (we didn’t tell them we were doing that, or they probably wouldn’t have come over for fear we would put them to work! lol) We decided we must have done a very good job putting the thing together, if our young nephew recognized what it was meant to be!

By the way, we did put them to work. ;) We wouldn’t have finished that night had they not showed up. Thanks Hesses!

While we worked the guys were dropping screws and whatnots into the return air cavity. I just kept thinking…that’s going to have to stop when we turn on the fan. I don’t want anything to get sucked in. When we turned on the fan Kenney hollers up, “Is it sucking?” Of course Chris hollers back, “No, it doesn’t suck. It’s great!” I roll my eyes, because by this time I’m so tired of their lame “It sucks” jokes. I didn’t laugh in the beginning, by the way, and then had to hear them ALL…DAY…LONG. Ignoring them I grabbed the closest thing to me to test whether the register was sucking air – a kitchen towel hanging from the stove. In a second it was gone! We didn’t have the cover plate on yet, and I had done what I dreaded one of the guys would do! Luckily it just lay there in the bottom of the vent. “It works!”

I want to thank my readers! I’m not a pro DIYer or writer. You may even role your eyes at me now and then, but you never let on and always return to read more! You’re the best!


4 thoughts on “Return

  1. Send it to hgtv Ebby I think they would love to do something to follow where you guys were and where you are now…especially when you are living in the house with 4 little ones you guys are awesome…love ya


  2. Hey readers!….encourage my daughter to send this website to HGTV….you know kids never listen to Mom! What they are doing on there own is amazing and needs to be recognized and out there for a bigger audience.


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