Ignored to Restored

Hello strangers! I’m not even going to look at the date of my last post, but it has certainly been a while…Wow! That long ago, really? You’re probably expecting to find the house fully transformed by now. So I’m on here to post final “After” shots right? Huh! I wish. As usual though, I’m very excited to share pics of what progress has been made. Don’t give up on us yet…We’re still truckin’.

12079529_438780839644909_485744124310850215_nWe’ve been concentrating this fall on the foyer, because the old door and window were drafty and even the walls themselves. There was absolutely no insulation to be found beneath the plaster and paneling and everything else we gutted out, but that came as no surprise. So we went about replacing the window, the front door, wiring this room, and insulating the exterior walls! And by we, I mean Ken and our brother-in-law, Chris. Of course, I stand around and do a lot of pointing! JK. Out with the old and in with the new!

Now that we’ve had some cold days and nights to test the temps, it is amazing the difference this transformation made in this rooms ability to hold heat! Plus, (ignoring the old siding which is getting replaced) the house looks so much better from the road! Well, it will soon anyways…

By the way, this is a new porch floor, and it has recently been newly covered as well! I like to call this Dad’s room. We built this with my Dad in mind, who usually sits out on the back patio to smoke and read when he’s visiting. The back patio is covered but leaks fiercely! That’s why we keep umbrellas outside by the back door…You need an umbrella to sit on my “covered” patio! lol So Merry Christmas Dad! Next time you’ll stay dry. ;)

Somewhat boring, but progress and lots of hard work so it needs mentioning…the basement door! To think when we bought the house a sheet of plywood hung here and was the only way in! It needs insulated and trimmed out but, Wow!, what a difference! I feel as if these minor transformations have really made the most difference so far. The house is starting to look alive again.

For years the house sat ignored…finally its being restored!

SignatureAlso, I’ve updated our About page. A lot has changed in the McGill family these past few months!

10 thoughts on “Ignored to Restored

  1. I love seeing what you are doing to the house. I am proud of you both for sticking it out. I don’t think I could have done it!! Love you all.


  2. Ive been working on mine for 4 years now and maybe 1/2 way done. Believe me, we understand. Updates look great! Kenny got skeelz.


    • Glad to hear from people who understand about time! Hope yours are finished soon, too. I am very fortunate to have a husband so talented in this area! We would not be here, but for him (and I mean that in a good way! lol).


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