Bathroom Reveal

Join me for a walk through our house. I’m just dying to show you our new bathroom! First, follow me around back to the side entrance, because the front porch and door still need replacing. Kick your shoes off and come on in! :) On second thought, you better leave them on. The bare plywood is hard on your good socks. Now brace yourself before you look around. Yes, we live here. lol This is my kitchen. We’ve made better progress in other rooms, as you’ll notice in the dining room.

In here, you can actually see a room taking shape. And in here, there is a special door that leads to an amazing place. Enter and you’ll find…you’re not in Kansas anymore.

Welcome to my bathroom. Don’t mind the music, it’s just angels singing a heavenly chorus. Go ahead and look around. :)

I love the gray. At first I was afraid it would make the bathroom look too cool and industrial (if that makes any sense), but the green and brown add an earthiness to the room. I also plan to use yellow as an accent color in future décor on the walls and the upholstery of a storage bench under the window.

I found the crystal clock above on clearance and thought how well it would match the crystal pendant. Also, it turns out the clock in the bathroom has become a must in my morning routine. Now I’m no longer hollering for the time while applying my make-up in a rush to get out the door on time! It’s a beautiful addition to the shelves that Kenney trimmed in so nicely.

My favorite piece is my lace swag. I shopped for weeks for the right shower curtain and couldn’t find anything pretty enough. Shower curtains all look like, well, shower curtains! I wanted something more elegant, so this idea came from my mother-in-law’s place (she has a sheer swag framing her shower). I was set on a swag, so when I saw this lace at JoAnn’s Fabric store I decided to make myself one. Very easy project and well worth it! :)

This molding was so inexpensive and yet sooo ornate – I just love it! My yard-sale-bought mirror goes perfectly with it after painting it with a chrome colored metallic paint. Of course I paired two different colors, but I like the difference.

Last, Amos and I undertook a little bathroom project just the two of us (or at least it started out that way). We quickly determined we needed help and had to call for reinforcements – my 9, 7 and 6 year olds. It was no little task after all. I should have known when you combine paint and a 4 yr. old, reinforcements should be planned for…coached and ready on hand! lol

But it turned out well, and we certainly had a LOT OF FUN doing it! (In the corner is his name and today’s date.) Now Amos’s stool is personalized just for him, and I have his tiny little footprints to gaze upon for a long time!


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