Checking It Off

Here is to checking off work on our Master Bedroom! I recently posted about some wiring and insulation being done in this room and am excited to be able to state its finished, as well as the floor joists and plywood!

Of course in our humble abode, “finished” simply means that it’s time to move on to another phase of work completing yet another project in some other room desperately needing attention.

To me, though, it’s similar to walking on the moon. It may look like one small step in the remodeling of this old house, but it feels like one giant leap in the building of my family’s first home sweet home.

We ran the outlets, the light, the switch, insulated the exterior walls and ceiling, ran new joists for the bedroom floor and kitchen ceiling below, and laid sheeting! (Catch my breath. lol) The next few projects on the list for this room include a new window, duct work, and then sheetrock.

Time spent in this room sent me into thought mode about what I want this room to look like in the end. So I went web surfing for some master bedroom inspiration.

Master Bedroom Floor Plan

Master Bedroom Floor Plan

The coolest thing I found was a “room planner” at where you can enter the dimensions of your room and furniture, play with color, and save your finished work as an image. You can browse their products and pretty rooms, or just click on the room planner in the upper left hand corner. This site is definitely going on my blog roll for easy access for all of us! :)

Below are a few pics I found inspiring.


My adorable helpers!
My adorable helpers!

These ideas make me long for the time my house is clean, comfy, and cozy! Some day I will be posting after pictures of my rooms, and maybe others will be drawing inspiration from them. Until then, hope makes me patient, and family gives me strength.



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