The Saga Continues…

We were finally able to take down our Christmas lights! Well, we’re West Virginia hillbillies which means it’s normal to still have lights up in March, right? lol Just kidding. But seriously, we just took down our Christmas lights that hung along the kitchen walls inside!

The house had no electric when we bought it. We quickly added outlets to the kitchen but were a little slower to add lighting with so much to do else where. So we strung up Christmas lights for an intenerate glow and kind of had fun with our unique situation. Well, let me tell you! The fun had nearly completely worn off, and I was only too happy to unplug those holiday bulbs and exchange them for LED ceiling lights! (If you know my husband, then you know that saving energy is the most important thing in this world after food.)

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This means that we finally finished one of those many projects I posted sneak peeks on earlier this year! We finished wiring all of the outlets and lighting, adding necessary framing, and installing a new window. Much more went into this room before we even began these projects, but that’s all ancient history now! Looking forward, drywall is next on the to-do list for this room!

I’ll keep you posted as the saga continues!

Outdoor Patio LightWe also put up an outdoor light by the backdoor overlooking our small patio and steps. I was very excited about this purchase! Now I don’t have to follow my guests out with a flashlight!

Thanks to my mother- and father-in-law for the gift card! Now you know where that went! —–>

And thanks to my brother-in-law, Chris, who helped set the joists in the kitchen. We only call Chris when we are doing something over 10 ft. in the air. I’m trying to break him of his fear of heights! ;)


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