Sneak Peeks!

I’m not sure if it’s because we are always on the go and having to stop in the middle of projects, or because certain projects seem like priorities until others come along and take precidence, but we have been very bad about starting many different tasks over these past couple of winter months and not actually finishing anything. Hence, my postless blog! lol

So, needless to say, one of our New Year’s resolutions this year is to finish our on-going projects and be better about starting and completing tasks in a more timely method in the future.

On the flip side, this gives me quite a bit to post about today. Although none of it is finished, I’ve decided to share some sneak peaks of what has been going on at our house.

Bathroom Sneak PeakI should save my favorite for last, but I can’t help myself! This is a peak at our bathroom that we have been working so hard on. Last time I posted, you saw a bathroom white-washed in primer, and all Kenney heard (lovingly of course) for weeks was how the kids were going to ruin our beautiful walls if he didn’t get the tile up soon.

The kids love to splash in the tub and also, somehow, always manage to get toothpaste on the wall behind the sink! The first I can live with ’cause they’re kids. The second, ughh, we’re still working on. In the meantime, it would be great if it were a little easier to clean off! So thank God for tile!

We were able to get most of the tile cut, laid, grouted, and sealed before the snow came along with below freezing temperatures. Cutting tile with a rather large tile saw isn’t the kind of work Kenney can do inside so the rest of the wall behind the sink was put on hold until temps reach the 40’s.

Also, as you can see, my walls are not so boring as they once were! I love my cheap, $5 a gallon, returned paint we got from Lowe’s. I can’t quote the color because it was mismatched, but who cares if it looks good and costs nearly nothing! The chair rail, which I immediately fell in love with, baseboard, window and door trim are also nearly complete. Of course these are waiting on the tile to be done.

Master Bedroom Sneak PeakNext in line, behold our bedroom outlets! So exciting, I know, but try to contain yourself. ;) We desperately needed more electric ran upstairs. This is one of the projects that I mentioned above that gradually became more and more neccessary to complete sooner than later untill it took precedence over the kitchen. (Which also remains to be finished. You’ll see below.)

We didn’t plan on working upstairs, remember, untill the downstairs was done. Afterall, we aren’t even using this room right now, but the open walls made it ideal for running new wiring. Now we can run our electric heat off a new curcuit breaker untill the duct work for the furnace is ran to the upstairs. Plus, we insulated these bedroom walls. This is a huge accomplishment considering that none of the house was insulated before…AT ALL!

Dining Room Sneak Peak


I love my half finished, dining room arches! <3 I think that arches really make a house beautiful!

Kitchen Sneak Peak


Let’s move on to the kitchen. The only major things keeping us from dry walling the kitchen were replacing one window, re-framing the ceiling, framing my built-in shelving I wanted added, and running electric through the newly framed ceiling for two kitchen lights and one outdoor patio light. Yes, I know, we were sooo close. lol Well, I like to think optimistically. Anyways, this is what some of that progress looks like.

Dining Room Sneak Peak at ShelvesFor the sake of cutting this shorter and wrapping things up, I’ll comment very briefly on some other shelving projects we undertook. The first is a set of open shelves we installed along side the tub and shower unit. Otherwise this would have just been boxed off, enclosed, wasted space. I hate the idea of wasting good space! Instead, this towel caddy is so handy for grabbing whatever you need during or after your shower! It still needs to be polished off with some trim, but is coming along nicely.

Pictured here on the left, these shelves are yet to be finished and enclosed behind cabinet doors, but again are another work in progress!

So now you can see how it is true that we have started many things and have been very busy here at Kerr-Tara. We just haven’t finished much lately. But hopefully that’s all about to change!

~Completed~ Projects Coming Soon! :)




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