A Wood Furnace

Since the dawn of man, we’ve heated our bodies and homes around a wood fire. Call us old fashion, but that’s exactly what we plan to do! We’ve been working towards installing a wood furnace since we bought the house a year and a half ago. You have no idea how good it feels to be sharing the fact that it’s complete!!

Clayton Wood FurnaceThe furnace is fully installed, completely functional, and we love it!

We really had very little knowledge of wood furnaces before. We truly had to start from scratch since there was absolutely no previous source of heat in the house when we bought it.

We had to jump through so many hoops to get this far including:

  1. repair the house’s best chimney (which must rise at least 3 ft. above where the liner passes through the roof). This included relining it with about 30 ft. of double-wall, stainless steel liner and re-blocking the entire portion above roof level.
  2. run electric for the furnace’s blower and thermostat and whatever else it uses electric for (I sound like a real expert on the topic don’t I?! lol)
  3. buy and install all new plenum, flex duct, heat registers, and it seemed like numerous other things.
  4. and I’m sure many more little things I’ve forgotten over the months.

Plenum & Duct WorkMany of these expenses would have existed even if we had chosen to go with an electric or gas furnace. I feel good about using the wood furnace, partly because I know that there is no cheaper or more renewable source of energy than wood.

I am also glad to learn that I was wrong about smoke being a problem with wood stoves. Did you know that newer wood stoves do NOT create smoke? Not even out of the chimney! If yours is smoking then it was either installed wrong or is being fueled incorrectly. Wood stoves are made to burn not only the wood up but the smoke also so as to decrease air pollution.

ChimneyKenney never ceases to amaze me with his capabilities! I guarantee he saved us a lot of expense. And hopefully the wood furnace continues to save us in the long run. Of course we had help and lots of professional insight too.

I was especially impressed with my brother-in-law, Chris. He climbed up two ladders onto the roof carrying 85 lb. blocks, even though his knees knocked together the whole way up! His little fear of heights evidently doesn’t measure up to his love for his sister-in-law…though he’d never admit it! lol

Also, I should state (as if it wasn’t completely obvious) that I’m not an expert on wood furnaces, their installation, or even anything remotely related to this topic. I’m just blogging about our own personal experience and informing friends, family, and all of my readers of our progress in this area of our home. :)


2 thoughts on “A Wood Furnace

  1. I love it Ebony …Kenney is lucky to have such a supporting wife .He may have to hire you when all is done you should be certified just for the knowledge…love you both and the babies..tell Kenney great job…


    • Thanks Aunt Sharon! I am certainly always learning new things, but I could not do that kind of work!! And I drive Kenney crazy here at the house telling him how I want things done. He wouldn’t want me on the job everyday! lol


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