Prime Time for Priming

Bathroom nearly finishedWe recently left for and returned from vacation with Ken’s parents and the kids to Orlando, FL. The week prior to vacation though, we made some progress in renovating the bathroom. So that was nice to come back home to!

My husband put a beautiful texture on our bathroom ceiling called a “knock down”. He stomped it first; and then sanded (or knocked down) the rough texture leaving a subtle and soft kind of pattern.

Then he primed both the ceiling and walls! So everything is white, but white primer is so much better than drywall! :)


He also mounted my shower & hand towel bars and toilet tissue bar. It is so nice to be able to use these!

I knew I wanted a large mirror over the sink, because this bathroom is quite big. All of my larger mirrors covered both of the outlets on each side of the sink. I found this mirror at a yard sale for $15 and was happy to find it just set within the outlets and spanned to nearly the top of the window! We purchased a can of chrome colored spray paint and refinished it to match all of the other fixtures. My new mirror is my second favorite thing in this room!

First, would be my new light over the bathroom sink. This little light was so inexpensive, but so chic and ornate. I absolutely love the glass tile shade!

Of course we are not done yet. We still have trim to mount and more paint to put on the walls, but what a difference we’ve made so far!

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