New Addition!

We recently made a BIG purchase that caused foyer renovations to be that much more pressing. How BIG can a baby be though? Unless it’s followed by grand and is a piano, then it’s pretty big!

DSCN5122That’s right. The new addition to our family is a John Wanamaker baby grand piano!

So what does this have to do with the foyer? Well, this rooms’ floor was the last bit of floor needing replaced downstairs. We had put it off by laying large sheets of plywood over the week spots. We’ve been spending all of our time on the bath and kitchen (not to mention other everyday life excursions and projects that fill up our time). Anyway, bringing in the piano made us a little nervous. We thought maybe we should go ahead and replace the floor that was going to be holding up about a 500 lb. instrument!

Honestly, we had reached the point of replacing the floor anyhow. As I mentioned in my last post on the kitchen, the foyer floor needed replaced in order for us to finish framing the doorway into the kitchen. So one more project is complete in hopes that another can begin again soon – the kitchen.

Charli Hard at WorkRepairing the floor meant demolishing the pre-existing floor which is my least favorite thing to do. We let everything fall into the basement while we worked on leveling the floor and setting new joists. Luckily, we then had some assistance in loading junk materials into the trailer. I say that only half-heartedly, because I wasn’t really that lucky. While attempting to capture a shot of my sister, Charli, working so hard to help (before and after which she went back to tanning in my yard), I slipped and fell landing my upper lip very forcefully on my camera. The impact was hard enough that it was red and sore for days later. Oh, well. They say no pain, no gain. :)

It was also exciting to be adding another room to our current project list. I absolutely love getting anything done on any part of the house! It means we are that much closer to the really fun stuff (which sometimes feels so far away) like painting, tiling, light fixtures, etc. I can’t wait for house projects that actually make the house look like a home!

I have to admit that we are behind schedule. I had really hoped that we would have the entire downstairs finished, to at least the point of primer on the new walls, by the middle of June. Fortunately, the set backs are not caused from higher expense than expected, but mostly lack of time. If only we got paid to fix up our own house and could take a break from our day jobs! lol


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