Master Plan for Master Bath

This will likely be the last room we actually finish, but the master bath is something I’m really looking forward to. We just happened to make some small progress in here recently.

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The transformation is hardly worth posting over…Its not like the after picture looks any better than the before! lol At the same time though, it was a lot of work and worth mentioning where some of our time went.

This room is connected to the laundry room which is just on the other side of that far wall. You can view current and future floor plans here. That wall will eventually come down and the laundry room will be accessed from our bath and bedroom. In order for Kenney to install the clothes washer and dryer, he had to tear out much of the master bath to run plumbing and electric in the walls. Since then, we’ve had a useable laundry room and that much more started in the master bath.

A couple of ideas I have for this room so far (taken from Pinterest) consist of:

Built-In Storage

Built-In Storage

We have to run duct work up through the bathroom so I hope to disguise this use of wall space with some wall storage like that above. I personally love the arch.

Rounded Corner Shower

Rounded Corner Shower

Also, our master bath will be much smaller than the typical master bathroom. Like, we won’t even have room for a tub! :( But this stand-up shower with its curved shape is really prettier than most.

Well, now just forget about their even being a master bathroom, because we won’t be posting anything else on this room for some time! lol



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