What’s In A Name?

Today’s post will likely read more like a book review than a casual post on the transformation of our home, but I’ll take that risk. Besides, I plan to end on a note about the house anyway. No, I’m not talking about Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet either (from which my title comes from). The book I’m referring to is Please Don’t Eat The Daisies, and its absolutely hilarious author is Jean Kerr.

My husband and I are both avid crossword enthusiasts. It sounds so boring I know, but I have learned a lot from our attempts to finish crosswords in our weekly paper. Thank God I love crosswords! Because if it hadn’t been for the puzzles, I would’ve never read Jean Kerr. lol

I don’t understand why, but some clues are totally overused. Like – a great lake. The answer is always Erie. Over the years I have forgotten the names of the other four, because I know I’ll never need to know them. The answer is always Erie. Another recurrent clue is “Please _____ eat the daisies” or “Please don’t eat the _____”. I came across it often enough to learn what went in the blank no matter which word was missing, even though I had no idea what it meant.

One day while at the library prowling through a cart of free books, I actually came across a little book with that exact title. I picked it up out of curiosity and read on the back, “about a woman who…has four wonderful children.” Hmm, o.k. I might be able to relate to this. The first page claimed the book was “one of the funniest books ever written anywhere, anytime, by anyone.” This turned out to be no exaggeration.

Chapters 1 and 12 made me laugh out loud so hard that my children would come check on me, since I was alone and had no good reason to be carrying on so much. Every mom should take time out of their busy schedule to at least read these two chapters on Jean Kerr’s handle on motherhood.

There is a little romance in the book as well if you count things like “her lips were like fresh ketchup on a white tablecloth” and “my heart turned over once quickly and neatly, like a pancake on a griddle”. Since I’m married to Kenney, I can understand the correlation between food and romance. If my husband were romantic, these are the kinds of things he would say.

But let us finally discuss what this has to do with the house. I have always thought when we bought our own place, we would give it a name. Not officially like they do in the UK, but we do name our vehicles and boats so why not our homes. I’ve been pondering over names since we closed on the house in December of 2012.

In Please Don’t Eat The Daisies, the author also writes about her own home (purchasing it, decorating it, etc.). She refers to “Kerr’s law, which states in essence: all the houses you can afford to buy are depressing.” She refers to her own place in the book as the Kerr Hilton. lol She goes on to state that when she and her husband informed the real estate agent that they wanted to buy their house, the agent screamed, “You’re not serious, you’re out of your minds!”

Jean Kerr’s story reminds me so much of our own, that I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to name our place after both the law she invented to describe her own situation that’s mentioned above and my dream home (from GWTW).  Hence the name, Kerr Tara!

BTW, Jean’s husband’s response to the agent’s comment was (and I second),

“We’re out of our minds, but we’re serious.”

That line pretty much sums up not only how we feel about the house, but everything I do in life. lol

4 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. One more thing I meant to share…it’s the teacher in me. : ) When I taught 3rd grade, we used the word “HOMES” to remember the 5 Great Lakes. H=Huron, O=Ontario, M=Michigan, E= Erie (of course!), and S=Superior! Now if you ever need this bit of trivia, you will know it. : )

    By the way, your kids are the sweetest on earth! Aunt Marketa did not eat daisies, but I did try to eat crayon shavings! The rainbow of colors looked so pretty, I couldn’t resist it. Unfortunately it did not taste as good as it looked! HA!


    • I will pass on the Great Lakes lesson to the kids. lol Its funny the things kids really do try to eat! I caught Kensy (age 3 at the time) eating a worm while under Kenney’s so called “supervision”. lol


  2. Loved reading this post!! You are a talented writer! : ) I may even try to check out “Don’t Eat the Daisies!” Love the name of your home too!


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