Finishing the Bathroom

Don’t get too excited. I meant, finishing the drywall in the bathroom.

We revisited work on the bathroom when we applied the joint compound to the drywall. Of course, the kids thought this was truly interesting considering it was called “mud” but was white and o.k. to put on the walls (unlike the stuff they bring in all over the floors).

Lula actually helped coat screws and enjoyed it! I let her coat until her little heart was content…far be it from me to stop her. I didn’t want to do it. I just wanted it done. lol

I find it very unnerving that mudding drywall is called finishing since we are not actually finished! Anyhow, we are so close…to really finishing…at least in this one room. Now only 9 more to go! (10 if you count the stairs and hall, so I don’t! Winking smile)

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