A Call For Reinforcements

This past weekend was a lot of fun, because friends joined us in gutting the master bedroom above the kitchen. Five people made light work of a heavy project.

DSCN4560I used to think gutting was fun. I thought, Yeah! We get to go in there with hammers and just have fun ripping and tearing everything out. Now when Kenney says we have to gut a room before we can do this, I think, Oh man! That means gloves and masks and so much clean up. I even said this weekend, “Let’s just drywall over that” and “Let’s just put floor down over that” too. Fortunately, when I have weak moments my husband is there to remind me of the importance of doing it right. I just can’t seem to remember why, but I’m not going to ask again. After all, he’s the contractor.

One of our helpers was still new to gutting evidently, because she thought it was fun. (And yes, that’s Chaz standing in the back watching again. This is very typical of him. lol) So, like usual, the women out-worked the men. Also, very typical. ;)

I’m told that the bedroom preferably had to be gutted now in order for us to complete the framing needing done in the kitchen. The framing that I referred to in the last post is re-bracing? part of the ceiling and framing in our new kitchen window.

Near the end of the work portion of our day, we toted lumber uphill and planted it in my kitchen for later this week. Though Chaz did very little to help we will continue to invite him back, because we couldn’t have accomplished near as much if it hadn’t been for the little guy pictured above. Not to be confused with the big guy also toting lumber. lol

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Of course, the last thing we did that day was literally go jump in the creek to cool off. We earned some fun in the sun! The kids really earned some fun considering we mostly kept them cooped up in their room the entire time (to be safe).

Thanks Aaron, Amanda and Noah for all of your help!

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