Building A Wall Around My Yard

When you go from living on a few acres of flat ground to a few lots on a hillside, you really miss flat ground! That’s why we decided to undertake a little excavation project on days it was too pretty to be inside.

This was no easy task without renting equipment. Even harder though was talking my husband into it in the first place. However, once we got started, he agreed it was looking beautiful and would serve us well.

We were oh so happy to set the last stone in place!

Now we have a small flat big enough for an outdoor table for eating outdoors which we love to do.

The stone wall ties in with the retaining wall we repaired last summer that extends around the back of the house.

Today’s post title comes from Susan King’s song, “Building a wall around my “.

On a side note…my husband installed the water line to our freezer’s ice maker! We may not have drywall in the kitchen yet, but we have ice. Isn’t that all that matters anyway?! lol

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