My Kitchen Saga

Possibly the longest running saga (not just on my blog, but ever written anywhere!) is my kitchen project. A kitchen is possibly the most time consuming and most expensive undertaking when it comes to renovating a house. This is especially the case for us, because so many other projects have for one reason or another taken precedence over countertops and other kitchen conveyances.

I’ll bet you thought countertops and cabinetry were necessities. ;) So did I at first. lol Well, I’ve since learned that you can do without more than you think you’re capable of.

This will not have to be the case for much longer. After purchasing a second vehicle (which monetarily put a hold on house projects for a spell), we were ready to dive back into our kitchen project to-do list.


Kenney ran a separate circuit for the dishwasher and then water and drain lines for the sink and dishwasher! He also ran the electric for lighting in this room beginning with the light over the pass-thru. Because this light hangs between the kitchen and dining rooms, he installed three-way switches in both rooms.

I was very excited to see all of this coming along. After we finish some frame work and install a new kitchen window, drywall is just around the corner. Then soon cabinetry and countertops will be also!

With things underway in the kitchen, we will also be tackling minor repairs in the foyer that are connected to the kitchen and dining room renovations. It is very exciting to be moving along to include another room on our current project list!

Visit Tap for Sap for our latest, short update on our syrup making!

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