Drumroll please…

Laundry Hook-ups

Introducing my totally unfinished but quite usable laundry room! Who knew laundry could be so exciting?

Look wise, this room is hardly worth posting over, but I just had to share the news! We’ve ran water and electric upstairs and installed our washer and dryer! We still have lots of remodeling work to do (walls, windows, floor, basically everything), but I can wash and dry our clothes without leaving the house! Woo hoo!

I would like to thank all of the little people that made this possible…my brother-in-law Chess (well, that’s what we call him. It stands for Chris Hess.) and my Kenney 💋.

Of course I have big plans for this room too. So, because I get really excited when a little bit of progress is made and start surfing the web for finished-room ideas, I thought I would share a few visions…this time for the laundry portion of my master bath room upstairs. Again, I found these pics on pinterest.


Since this room is upstairs and doesn’t rank high on our list of priorities, we won’t be getting back to it for sometime. For now at least it is usable though, and I’m very excited to be able to post about having ran water and electric lines upstairs! We have that much more accomplished!

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