The Results Are In ~ Tour the Kitchen!

A few posts ago we sort of tried a little experiment to see if we could up my reader statistics (just for fun…It’s not like my livelihood depends on it or anything!) Well, the results are in and lead me to one of two conclusions: Either everyone truly believed Elvis Presley was in my kitchen and had to read more to find out how and why, or a great many people are very hyped (as I am) for progress to be made in my kitchen! Either way, thanks. My latest kitchen post had more hits than Elvis! :)

Below is a recap on the kitchen.

Unfortunately, since finishing the hanging of the drywall in the dining and bath rooms, we have yet to resume work on the kitchen. Still, I owe readers a recent video of the room’s current stage. Keep in mind it still needs a lot done and is a work in progress, but it’s fun to compare where we’ve been to where we are! Plus, I added some extra details to the video so you can better imagine how the end result will look.

We did start installing the drain and water lines for my clothes washer upstairs which, when finished, will cut out all of my trips to the local laundry mat. My younger sister will also be truly grateful for the installation of my washer and dryer, because many times I haul my laundry to her house to save a buck and watch cable while doing my folding. lol

Another on-going project has been instating our wood furnace and all the work which that entails. We finally were able to run our 30′ chimney liner down through an existing chimney that only needs minimal work done to the top block. We connected and readied all of the pipe that connects the stove to the liner and just about have everything finalized. It isn’t a large, time consuming project and could be finished any day now, but like everything else, it’s hard to find the time.

Anyways, that’s what we’ve been doing for the past two weeks concerning the house. During which, Kensington turned 8 and we had a birthday party for him last Saturday which was great fun. Wow! Kensy turned 8? I can hardly believe it! Also, it’s tax season so, as small business owners, my husband and I spend much of January preparing business and personal tax returns. Between work, homeschool and then other everyday life activities, it isn’t easy to find time to complete projects in a very timely fashion. Ah well, that’s life! Besides, it will all be done in time. ;)

FYI – Incase you were looking for the links to “A New Beginning…” and “Total Project Costs and Counting”, they have been moved to the top tool bar so they can more easily be accessed from any page. Also, I’ve updated our Home Photo Gallery to include more current pics. Happy surfing!

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