Virtual Tour: Dining Room

My daughter’s reaction when she saw the dining room after we completely hung the drywall was, “Wow! Now it looks like a real room!”

I have to totally agree with Lula here. We had steadily been completing project after project in this room (e.g. running wall outlets on a new breaker, running electric for lights on a new separate breaker, adding extra sub-floor around the room, installing a window, framing one of two door ways and a pass-thru, insulating an exterior wall, and of course gutting the room in the first place). It wasn’t until we hung the drywall though that the room really started to take shape!

A special thanks goes out to Kenny’s parents, my dad and Chaz R. for helping us so much.

Our parents new that the best gift they could give us for Christmas this year was to contribute in some way to what truly makes us happy…our home.

I’m just as strong as Chaz so he could have stayed home. JK. Without Chaz’s help on hanging the ceilings, Kenney would have lost me under a pile of dry-wall! lol

As I’ve said before and firmly believe, you can’t be all work and no play!

So…before there was drywall, there was only insulation on the exterior wall of the room which was perfect for a dart board game that we played with friends. Using bows made from pencils and rubber bands and then my good shish kabob skewers for arrows, the guys especially enjoyed challenging one another on lunch breaks during the work week. Their dart board (artistically drawn by myself :) Just a bunch of circles) sadly was covered up during the drywall phase of our renovations on the dining room.

However, thanks to Kensington’s Nerf bow and arrows he opened for Christmas, new circles drawn on the drywall over the pass-thru, and a little bit of lipstick applied to the arrows’ ends to mark our hits, the fun continues! At least until we cut out this section of drywall when putting in the pass-thru. For now it holds heat in the dining room and keeps dust out from the kitchen where many of our next projects will take place.

I have also added a link to my “blogroll” that you will notice just to the right of what you’re reading right now. I just happened upon it one day and click on it occasionally when I have time to sit and reflect or surf the web for fun. I found her inspirational and funny. Hope you enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Virtual Tour: Dining Room

    • Yes. :) You have to love her honesty as well. All four of the children have been sweet about the house because they know I love it despite it’s physical challenges. I love though when they honestly tell me what they really think.


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