Starting The Year Out Right

Aren’t New Year’s resolutions the greatest?! We really enjoy sitting down at the beginning of every new year to evaluate our lives. We contemplate changes we need to make to live happier lives and accomplishments that we would like to achieve. Resolutions bring everything into focus.

Naturally, the house graced my list this year. This time last year we had just bought the house and were pondering when and where to start. This year my mind excitedly races to think of all of the possibilities ahead of us. My little head can hardly comprehend how beautiful many of the rooms will be by the end of this new year!

Our first project of 2014 was hanging drywall on the ceilings in both the dining room and bathroom! This was the moment I had been waiting for. After looking at 2×4’s all summer long, the drywall looks good even without mud or paint on it. It’s a good thing I think so too, because it’s hard to tell how long the ceilings will remain just bare drywall. I imagine we will spend the next 6 months getting the rest of the downstairs rooms up to this same point. We are hanging the rest of the walls today and will have a virtual tour of the dining room posted soon!!

Next project – will be working some more on the kitchen!

My dad is in for the holidays. Because everything is organized in totes right now, it’s not easy to find something if you don’t know where to look. I also have things stashed in the oven since we’re not using it to cook in (The kitchen isn’t wired for the stove yet so I use a smaller oven that plugs into the wall). So when Dad asked me where the coffee filters were, I told him where we keep them…in the oven. lol Then I turned around and asked the kids to kindly put their dirty dishes in the tub. Just a glimpse into a day at the McGill’s until my kitchen is more complete. :)

5 thoughts on “Starting The Year Out Right

  1. So funny! Love it! I was laughing out loud, and had to share it with my boys. They liked your post too. : ) The hanging of the dry wall is especially exciting also! Keseling can’t wait to see more pictures!


  2. With all you’ve accomplished, it’s amazing that you’ve only been working on your house for one year! It’s encouraging to see someone else reaping the benefits of delayed gratification and a job well done. :)

    What’s been your motivation for the approach you all have taken?
    (We’re wanting to finish our house and be completely out of debt within 5 years or so.)


    • Thank you. Our original plan, which we seem to still be on track with so far, was to complete the downstairs in 1 year’s time and the upstairs within the next following year (starting from June 2013 when we moved in).

      We bought the house with cash and only renovate when we have the extra money to put towards house projects. Of course that means things move along more slowly and requires a lot of patience, but it is completely worth it! :)


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