Elvis In My Kitchen

I am happy to report that my kitchen now has electric! So where does that bring us up to in the kitchen? Well, it has been gutted, a new sub-floor put down, and GFCI outlets ran around the room mostly at countertop level. Woo hoo!

We moved in the appliances and are really getting a feel of what this room will look like in the end (despite the fact we still have drywall to hang and cabinets & countertops to install). So that you can envision what I see when I imagine our finished kitchen, I have posted below some ideas from my self-titled “Kitchen Visions:)” board on pinterest!

So what does Elvis have to do with my kitchen? A highly hip and cool little sister recently gave me some advice on how to reach more readers through my blog. She said that my titles needed to be more eye-catching and appealing.

So I came to the determination that Elvis Presley was probably the coolest guy that ever lived and thought it couldn’t hurt to just throw his name in there somewhere. I’m going to be keeping a close look on my reader statistics this week to see if it helped (Eb crosses her fingers). lol

4 thoughts on “Elvis In My Kitchen

    • Thanks. I can’t wait to post more! I love getting something done and then getting to share it with everyone! We certainly have a lot of laughs around here. There is always plenty of good comedy going on to write about. lol


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