A Good Deal On A Chandelier!

The bathroom, as you probably already know, has been a work in progress for sometime. We have made great improvements to the kitchen and dining rooms as well, but the bathroom has certainly come the furthest thus far. Since I last posted our progress on the bathroom, we have wired lighting above the sink and a recessed light and fan combo above the bath tub/shower unit.

Although I was psyched to have Kenney complete this, the best part was actually purchasing the light fixtures themselves.

Because we will not be installing the permanent light fixture over the sink until the room is more finished, we actually took our time looking around for something inexpensive that would also look great. I was in no hurry to buy anything, but I did enjoy peeking down the “lighting” isles at every home store we visited. Good thing, too.

We just happened upon a clearance on chandeliers where we bought the beautiful light for the Dining Room for less than $70. We also purchased a nickel pendant and crystal shade for the bathroom for less than $40 for both.

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I absolutely love my lights! They really compliment each other, too. No, I can’t hang them up right away. It is a relief, though, knowing that I found some light fixtures that I am completely happy with that cost me very little. :)

Lula, being your typical girl, was overjoyed with the light fixtures as well, because they sparkle! She loved the crystal glass beads on both lights and the many faux jade beads that dangle from the dining room chandelier. These will tie in nicely to the green I imagine this room to be. It makes us very excited to be closer to finishing these rooms!

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