If you can’t stand the heat…

I have neglected to post lately, because we have mainly been slowly and steadily working on one major project that is still not completed yet…our heat. We chose to go with a wood furnace system that would be vented out a pre-existing but newly lined chimney off the back of the house. It was the only chimney still in decent shape out of four in the house. So, what have we been doing all this time?

First, we started researching. We researched about how to determine if a pre-existing chimney was safe enough to use and asked numerous family and friends for their input and expertise. We looked into how to bring the chimney up to code with different types of liners and which one would make the most sense for us. We researched all of the other types of pipes and things we would need to connect the furnace to the chimney once it was lined. We had to determine how many feet high the chimney was required to be from the roof and then what we needed to purchase to cap this off. We must have spent weeks looking into all the aspects of installing our wood furnace.

Once we determined what we were going with, we had to find out where we could purchase it all for the lowest price. Towards the beginning of our shopping experience, we were actually a little frightened to see how much we were going to have to spend up front to be able to self-sufficiently heat our house inexpensively over the long run. However, after checking prices so many places I couldn’t keep count, we found some great deals and saved lots of money.

We hope to have our furnace completely installed and pictures up soon. Meanwhile, we do have heat by other means!!

I don’t know why I even try to be creative when giving posts titles!

Today, I wanted to post about our new wood furnace! So I thought to myself I need a title that has something to do with warmth…umm…hot…heat! Then the next thing that came to my mind was that old saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”. So I went with it. It’s hard to be creative making these things up. It’s a lot easier to use something someone else already said! lol

I don’t know how I expected to tie that into my post! I went with it anyways; because I’m kind of lame like that. lol Then I was slightly curious…Where did the quote come from anyhow? So my brain went off on a tangent as usual, and I was on a quest to find the original author. It turns out it was Harry S. Truman. She also said, “The buck stops here!” and (my favorite) “If you can’t convince them, confuse them”.

So next time someone uses one of these popular quotes from ages ago, you can surprise them with your new knowledge of their authorship. :)

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