Work Hard, Play Hard

My sister, Charli, and me

It is always more fun to work when you are doing it with family!

Chris uncovered another beautiful brick chimney! We plan on cleaning this up and keeping it exposed.Well, it was more fun for Kenney and I anyways who normally work alone (although we have often had friends and family over to help). Was it fun for my sister and brother-in-law though, who came to help gruel away in a cold, dark basement? Doesn’t sound like it, does it? lol

We certainly had some very dirty, arduous work on our list of jobs to finish this past weekend. The Hesses must not have minded too much though. They jumped right in and helped us check task after task off our to-do list.

Chris and I go head to head!

Chris and I go head to head!

Somewhere amidst swinging hammers, throwing true 2×8’s and more on the trailer, sawing boards, knocking plaster off a brick wall, and prying wood trim off the dining room cabinets…somewhere amidst all of this, we still found time to play. I took turns beating everybody in a few games of basketball. (It’s my blog so I can tell the story however I want, right?)

After a long day of hard work and hard play, we slept like little babies. Yeah right! The babies slept like babies…with feet all over each other! lol We stayed up until 3 AM watching a movie. Then we slept like little babies. :)

Sleeping BabiesKenney and I cannot reiterate enough how much we appreciate those who help us in our endeavor.  We love our new home and love working in it to make it everything we want it to be; but it is so much more fun to have family and friends over to share in something that makes us so happy.

Soon we will be passed gutting rooms and tearing things out. We have already begun to work with new building materials which is so much more exciting and really makes a difference in the appearance of the rooms. In time, we will be hanging and finishing drywall, painting, and hanging light fixtures! It is all a process (and a slow one at that). But everyone’s help has made the time fly by and work come together that much faster and easier!

Thanks to the Hesses and everyone else who has helped in so many different ways!

4 thoughts on “Work Hard, Play Hard

  1. Oh, how I wish we lived near by to join in the working and playing! You all are so much fun!! If we were closer, I could also help you win some more basketball games-HA! HA! HA!

    The sleeping babies pic is hilarious!


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