A Year Ago Today…

HammockI was just laying in the hammock under the sugar maples admiring our new home, watching the kids play in the yard, and thinking about where we were a year ago today. We had just signed the papers on the house to start the buying process and were only dreaming about what it would be like to own our own place.

My husband who was laying next to me brought back to memory exactly what we were doing last October. This time last year, although the paperwork wasn’t finalized until December, we were doing some major yard work. We were too excited to wait!

There was a burn pile of brush and trash piled in the front yard which we went through and removed. The grass was so tall I think I mowed it three times before it actually looked decent. It took Kenney the whole day long to weed eat the banks and edges of the property. There was no door to the house. We had to enter through the basement and up the narrow stairs. The side patio was cracked and the back patio was buried under three or four inches of dirt. There were old, rusty clothesline poles standing tall in the front yard! The driveway was unusable. I know. I tried despite Kenney’s warnings! lol

The kids wrote their names in the concrete patch in the patio.

The kids wrote their names in the concrete patch in the patio.

I laid there thinking about the differences we had made all around us. The house and yard still need so much work done, but I can’t hardly believe how far we’ve come. It certainly made me feel less guilty about laying in the hammock for hours on a Saturday. I think we earned it! ;)

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