Finally, The Kitchen!

I have really been anticipating the day we could work in the kitchen. And not just because I desperately miss having a fully functional kitchen. The kitchen was (along with our Master Bedroom upstairs) among the two worst rooms that needed attention. As I’ve mentioned before, this was the corner of the house where the roof leaked. It also happens to be the room that we walk into everyday. At least until we redo our front porch so we can use the main entrance.

Because of the leak, the floor needed replacing badly. This was a more than one man project. My husband Ken enlisted his buddy Chaz and my dad who happen to both be contractors. The guys tore into this project like it was no big deal.

It looked like a big deal to me! I literally had no sub-floor OR floor joists. I was afraid for a short while that they wouldn’t get it put back together again! lol

The very next day the men began laying new wood all back into place. It was no time at all before I had a brand new, sturdy and level floor!

4 thoughts on “Finally, The Kitchen!

    • Thanks! Yes, that is the basement under the kitchen. Another reason why we wanted to finish gutting the kitchen floor was because the wood furnace goes in the basement directly beneath the kitchen. We didn’t want to put in the wood furnace just to have the falling materials tear it up! Now that the floor is done, we can put in our furnace soon!


    • We are keeping it, but only because it will save us a step by not tearing it out. We can’t actually use it. The chimney was already gone when we bought the house. I normally don’t like anything that can’t serve a purpose (I think it’s a waste of space). However, you’re right! It is beautiful and will make a pretty, brick nodule on that kitchen wall. :)


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