A Work in Progress: Dining Room

Our current remodeling project has been renovating the dining room. As much as I need a kitchen, the dining room actually makes the most sense to renovate next, because it requires the least attention. This room is nearly ready to drywall! We have a good sub-floor down, new electric ran through the walls, lighting above, and insulation hung on the exterior wall.

We also chose to hang insulation on the wall shared with the bathroom for a sound barrier. We installed a new, tall and beautiful window which the light just pours through since the sun passes over this side of the house all day long.

I hope you can see past the tools and clutter, but we do live and work in here everyday! Also, not pictured is the doorway my husband widened into the room and the pass-thru he framed in from the kitchen. We’re making great progress on these as well and will post pictures soon!

Next, we plan to roll out the flooring and move in my dining room table so we can start eating in here. Drywall may be in the near future for both the bathroom and dining room areas! For the time being, we are concentrating on insulating and getting the furnace in for winter. Unfortunately, changes in the weather kind of make these a priority.

You can view past posts on work being done in the dining room by selecting Dining under “Tour Our Home” in the sidebar. This will take you to all of our posts that mention any progress made in this particular room. I try to make the blog easy to navigate for everyone. If you have any suggestions, just leave a comment. Thanks!

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