A Time To Gather Stones Together

More often than not we work inside readying the house for winter and making our rooms more livable and complete. Sometimes you need a break though from the dust and from being cooped in, especially on a pretty day! This past weekend we enjoyed finishing up some outdoor projects; because after all you never know when the weather will suddenly turn cold now that fall is nearly here.

Garden Retaining WallOur most recent accomplishment that I’m most proud of was the completion of a retaining wall around the back of the house. A stone wall ran most of the way around the back of the house but stopped just short of where it really needed to. I’ll elaborate more on that later.

I decided the first time we looked at the house that this space in the back would make a beautiful garden walkway to the yard on the other side. So I cleaned it up a bit as soon as spring came. That was when we discovered a hidden patio and walkway already existed under a thin layer of moss and grass. This summer I transplanted most of my plants I brought with me to both sides of this stone path. They did well, but I can’t wait to see what they do next spring and summer after getting a little more used to the place!

Because the wall did not extend across as far it should have, dirt washed off the bank and flooded the walk with mud even through the summer. It didn’t take much rain to throw an inch of muck right on my stone walkway. The kids loved sinking their toes into it and leaving little toe prints across the patio; but I wasn’t amused.

I was also troubled over the fact that to fix the problem the retaining wall needed finished out with more large stones like what was already there. We had more stones we weren’t planning on keeping in the front of the house. My problem was how would I talk Kenney into moving them that distance and placing them where they needed placed. He already thinks I’m crazy! In all fairness though, I do ask a lot of crazy things of him sometimes. Lol

Well, he readily agreed the mud was a problem and brought out the furniture dolly to get started. We worked together all day long transporting these huge stones and using a spud bar to place them correctly. By the end of the day we couldn’t remember where the original wall stopped and our hard work began! It looks great (like it’s been there the whole time) and I never heard one complaint. We lined the stones on the walkway with bricks to widen the path a little. I also like the added color! We ran short but have enough now to finish this another day. Then we were able to mulch the garden areas too now that we don’t have to worry about a land slide.

The title of today’s post comes from Ecclesiastes 3:5. There are so many ways this can apply to a person’s life. Well, when I read it recently it comforted me in a different, unexpected way. It reassured me that there is a time for everything. And everything will be done in its time. I obviously chose to use it also for its literal sense considering we literally gathered stones together to build our retaining wall. lol

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