A Work In Progress: Bathroom

I finally have a fully functional bathroom! On top of all the other work we accomplished outside, we installed the tub & shower and ran drain & water lines. We certainly have stayed busy, but that first hot shower without ever leaving the house made it all worth it!

Notice my new floor in the current pictures! The stone patterned linoleum will hide any imperfection in the squareness of the rooms. Whereas anything with straight lines could have possibly looked like it was running off a little bit. Kenney did an amazing job squaring the floors and walls up, but it is an old house after all. It’s not perfect, but now no one will ever be able to tell. ;) We also went with a one piece shower and tub unit, because it is nearly impossible to keep those joints clean where multiple piece units connect. I won’t have to spend another day scrubbing between those cracks with an old toothbrush again!

Now that we have finished everything we NEEDED to have complete in this room, we will likely be moving on to another room. I would love to be able to post pics of a dry-walled, painted, tiled bathroom soon, but a kitchen and clean place to eat are actually next on the agenda. So the bathroom is still a work in progress, but it has come so far!

3 thoughts on “A Work In Progress: Bathroom

  1. Hip-hip hooray! I know having the bathroom ready for use is something to cheer about! I love seeing the progress step-by-step!!!


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