Two Men vs. An Old Balcony

Everyone told us, “The first thing I’d do if I were you would be to tear off that old balcony and front porch!” We just did get around to tackling this major project this past weekend. It was looking really bad and, like everyone else, we were afraid it would fall in any day. Parts of the house are sound and sturdy, others (including the porch) not so much…or so we thought.

This is what the front of the house looked like by May.

This is what the front of the house looked like by May.

When we first came out to look at the house this time last year the roof didn’t look that bad. It had some small leaks including one over the front porch & balcony. However, they hadn’t affected anything much yet. By the time we signed the papers in December and became home owners, the front of the house was beginning to look worse. The Fall rain ruined the roof over the balcony. The steps to the porch were also weathered and beaten. We really didn’t think it would last through the winter.

Snow took its toll on it and the balcony and porch actually looked almost dangerous to even be around. We decided the whole thing needed torn off. We would just rebuild a covered porch with no balcony. Kids rooms don’t need access to balconies 20 ft. in the air anyway! Unfortunately, there were just so many things to do that we couldn’t find the time to tear it down until this past weekend.

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It turns out the whole thing didn’t want to come down as bad as we thought it did. My mom and I nailed plywood over the doors and windows first to protect the glass from being broken. The men (Wade and Ken) used rope and chain to tie to the porch and pulled it with Wade’s monster-of-a-truck. It took so much longer than anticipated we actually contemplated if dynamite would not have been more affective, at least time efficient. JK It finally came down though without resorting to the use of explosives. The whole structure was evidently a lot stronger than we thought. Though it looked close a couple of times the two men had finally won the fight.

As the last piece fell off I commented to the men that I had changed my mind and wanted them to put it back together, but they weren’t swayed. We were all pretty impressed by how well the demolition actually went. Nothing ended up in the road blocking traffic, and no windows or doors were broken. We have to patch some of the siding and will post pictures of the front of the house again soon. It is hard to know when we will get to replacing the covered porch, but we are pleased for now to have finished one big step at least. Little by little it will all come along and eventually be finished!


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