A New Look & Backyard Treats

My beautiful children helping pick the grapes from the vines.

My beautiful children helping pick the grapes from the vines.

When we bought this house last year we had no idea the backyard produced raspberries and grapes! We first looked at the house last fall when these goodies were both out of season. Imagine our happy surprise when summer brought both in such large quantities that we’ve enjoyed multiple cobblers, buckles and fresh fruit. We will also be canning grape and raspberry jelly again this year and producing grape vinegar for my first time ever. I’ll let you know how that goes and pass on my vinegar recipe if I’m successful!

I have been updating my blog in a few ways. You may have noticed the new word art. I had a lot of fun and may have gotten a little carried away. I hope you like it.  Also, I shared some of my favorite blogs in my sidebar for additional reading. They are just a few sites I find interesting when I want a good read. Another small addition is a link to my facebook profile. You can access my facebook page by clicking on my icon also in my sidebar.

While I worked on all the above yesterday evening, my husband installed the tub and drains. I am told that I will have a fully functional shower and bath by the end of this weekend. Hooray! Thanks so much to everyone who let us pop in and shower at their house…my sister Charli, Christina, Beth, C.J. and Grandma Jean. We have also been known over the last 2 months to go wading (bar of soap in hand) in a tributary of the Tygart River after a day of fun off a rope swing into the cool waters of Fortneys Mill. FYI for all of those worried we were harmful to the environment: It was organic (chemical free) soap. I’ll be posting pictures of our nearly completed bathroom soon.


A Cluster of Our Concord Grapes

I just happened upon this quote while researching my grapes which are concord by the way.

We  should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking  grapes or sorting the laundry. E. B. White (author of Charlotte’s Web)

I have to say that picking grapes was fun, but sorting laundry? Yeah, not so much. However, I agree with this statement completely. :)

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