Giving old furniture a new look!

DSCN3141I decided when we moved to only keep furniture and décor that I really liked…or those that I could turn into something I would really like. It was part of my decluttering goal for reorganizing and simplifying my life. I kept these pieces along with some others simply because they come in so handy since we, as a family, spend most of our time outdoors. I knew I was going to have to do something about the looks of all of my outdoor furniture! I have 2 grey picnic tables, 2 blue chairs, (I’ve never even liked blue!) and 2 new end tables (Thanks Aunt Sally!) that were pretty but bare!

Being a licensed contractor, Kenney gets a great deal on paint. As a matter of fact, anyone can get good paint for a fraction of the cost at the hardware store if you ask to look at colors that have been returned because people weren’t happy with them. True you can’t just look through the sample cards and pick out exactly what you want without paying full price, but I can always find something I like in the returns.

I picked a greenish color exterior paint that we bought years ago, because we couldn’t pass up the bargain. All I had to buy now were seat cushions. I went to a couple of places trying to match up the cushions to the paint color as closely as possible or at least get colors that complimented each other. I came home with the perfect match!

Now that it’s done and everything looks so nice, I’m trying to figure out why I didn’t do this sooner! It was pretty much all here the whole time. It took little effort on my part to accomplish a look that I am so much happier with.

Picnic TablesP.S. The picnic tables were built by Kenney a few years ago. They have certainly been used a lot and are holding up great! Kudos to my husband.

On another note…We have added to the family! It started when the kids built a trap to catch a rabbit. Everyday they would wake up and check the trap for a bunny even though the trap was not built well enough to actually catch anything. As far as they knew it was a fine trap. And as far as they know one day a grey rabbit happened to become ensnared in it. The kids call him Thumper. :)

2 thoughts on “Giving old furniture a new look!

    • Thanks Anonymous! Kenney does a good job at everything he does. That’s why I don’t hesitate to say this whole house transformation is going to be beautiful in the end!


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