Our First Real Before and After Project Room: The Bathroom!

I am so excited to see the bathroom coming along for at least two reasons. I absolutely love picking out tile, lighting, and well…everything. I get to decide what items I like the looks of and what things make sense for our family. Secondly, I just really miss having a fully functioning bathroom! lol

Because I have been dreaming about the time we would own our own home and what it would look like, I have collected over the years files of pages from Better Homes & Gardens, Elle Décor, Country Living, Traditional Home, and many others. All of this information helps provide inspiration and ideas, but they can’t all come to life when you’re on a budget. It has taken a lot of collaboration between my husband and I to figure out what can be done on our own, what can be bought locally, what can be done in a timely manner, and so on. Still, no one has had more fun than I have transforming an old house into a home room by room.

One money-saving tip I have learned that helps me to be happy with the more plain, inexpensive items I choose is splurging on the little details instead. I bought a pedestal sink for the shared bathroom downstairs which saved us money that we did not spend on a vanity and countertop. So I went ahead and paid a little extra for that 3 piece sink faucet that makes cleaning around the water levers so much easier… and the chrome hinged toilet seat that doesn’t break and repeatedly need replacing. When you have kids (especially 3 boys) it’s best to buy things that can stand up to constant rough usage. Also, anyway I can make my life easier and everyday cleaning faster is worth it!

Of course we still have so much work to do, but I thought it would be nice to share some of our progress thus far. We are nearly ready to drywall this room and have already picked out linoleum flooring and bought tile for the back splash on the walls. The flooring is a stone pattern at Lowe’s that I thought just looks like it belongs in the house because of the house’s stone surroundings. We had a lot of tile given to us (Thanks Wade!). So I simply went out and bought some venetian style crystal glass tiles to use sparingly as an accent to add color and artistic flare.

I love searching for beautiful ideas via Pinterest and other personal, home blogs. I have included a link to my pins on my “Bathroom Décor” board. …hope you like!


2 thoughts on “Our First Real Before and After Project Room: The Bathroom!

  1. How exciting!!! Just an idea to pass along….in case you can use the idea in your other bathroom… : )…
    You can transform an old dresser into a bathroom vanity that will hold a sink,
    and that may save some $. Since you have a handy husband, he could replace the top with something that could handle the water splatters. As I am writing, I am wondering if you could simply cover the top with glass, and cut a hole for the sink? Anyway, just thinking out loud now. : )
    I love your pinterest board! Lovely colors and ideas!


    • I love the idea of using a dresser or cabinet of any kind for a bathroom sink vanity. I will definitely be doing this upstairs where a vanity will be a necessity. Thanks for always sharing your good ideas!


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