Declutter, Reorganize, & Reap the Benefits of Simplicity

Our Rhododendron bush in full bloom in our front yard.

Our Rhododendron bush in full bloom in our front yard.

That’s one long title for a post, but it describes perfectly my goals and outlook of what I mean to accomplish through this move. When you have six people living under one roof…life can get a little cluttered. What a perfect time to go through all of our things, and sell or give away those that we don’t really need or use.

So during our move, I did just that. I went through everything and only packed belongings very dear to us or what we would really use. Everything else went into a separate room called at the time the “yard sale room”. When I was done I couldn’t believe all of the things I was able to let go of that really didn’t matter or weren’t useful. I was so proud of us as a family for decluttering!

Then I looked back into the living room where our moving boxes were piled on the floor up to the ceiling in multiple rows. These boxes were only from the upstairs! How could we possibly still have so much stuff?

To make a long story short (which I was never very good at) the downstairs packing went the same way. We were able to give up so much, but we still had so much left that we couldn’t part with too. I am hoping that we can weed out more while unpacking when we go through everything a second time. One thing I have learned these past couple of weeks in our new home is how little “stuff” a person really needs to get by.

Of course we can’t begin to unpack everything right away, because none of the rooms are completely finished. We have been basically living out of a couple of suitcases and eating crockpot meals. Who knew that you could make pasta meals in a crockpot that taste just as good or better? Or garlic toast on a George Foreman grill? Our stomachs haven’t suffered in the least. As a matter of fact, I have only expanded my cooking knowledge. I learned new recipes that I’ll still be preparing when my kitchen is finished!

Anyway, room by room I hope to declutter my life a little more. Then I can reorganize what’s left to fit our new, improved, simplified life! Everyone needs this every now and then whether you’re moving or not.

News on the house – It turns out that the house had some plumbing issues hiding underground just waiting to cause a stink. Our main sewer line was chipped and had to be replaced. My husband has been such a champ though and doesn’t mind (or at least didn’t complain too much) digging under the house and fixing all of this for us. I let him know how much I appreciated it, because I certainly would have NEVER done that! You just never know what you will run into with an old house. Gladly, the parts were very inexpensive, and, between Ken and buddies in the field, we knew exactly how to fix it.

Running water lines was the next thing on our “to do” list – in order that we have running water before moving day. My husband has a new found love for Pex which was again inexpensive and relatively quick and easy to install. I am so excited to have fantastic water pressure after six years of living at a place where the water lines were all ran wrong. I can flush the commode and run the bathroom sink at the same time! Woohoo! It’s funny the things we take for granted.

As much as we want to get things done ASAP, at the same time we try not to be all work and no play. That just wouldn’t be any fun. Nor do we want to loose sight of what’s really important to us…our family and time together. It is summertime after all. So, with Dad’s help, we put up a fountain in the flower garden area that was given to me by my mom. It looks great even now but will look even better when the ivy grows and climbs around it. We also jump in the car every now and then to explore our new hometown.

By the way…Kensington informed me that the house is no longer called the “new” house because we live in it now. I used to differentiate between the two houses by calling one the “old house” and our new home, well…the “new house”. Kensy says we can’t call it that anymore because it isn’t new anymore, and it’s the only house we have now. I asked him what I’m supposed to call it then. He thinks just “home”.

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