A New Perspective

Our roof is nearly complete! The guys worked hard replacing rotten beams and plywood over the flat roof above the kitchen area. This was certainly the hardest and most time-consuming step. Replacing all of this wood for the roof also benefited the rooms upstairs (Study/Class Room and Bathroom). New rafters and frame-work made these rooms come along that much further. I should also mention their hard work demolishing a chimney that could no longer be useful. I even found a good use for the old bricks that were in bad shape, because I’m always looking for ways to save us money. I transported the bricks to the driveway which is going to eventually need gravel. The bricks from the chimney and fireplaces that we take out will be enough to make the driveway easier to use this summer and fall. They will also create a good base for when we have to pour gravel before winter. Hopefully, we will be able to get by with a lot less gravel than if we had not used the bricks.

RoofThe next step was stapling down felt paper. This was one thing I could help with to speed up the process. In case you can’t tell from the pictures, the roof is very high up! I could see most of our home town from the lowest point. I wasn’t curios about what I might be able to see from the highest point. I’ll take Kenney’s word for it. lol

Lastly, the guys installed lath boards across the felt. These are the boards the metal sheeting will be screwed to. We did not have time to install the tin, but the felt paper provides a moisture barrier that will protect the roof from leaks temporarily. We will spend the next week running water lines, electric, and replacing floor boards in the rooms that no longer leak. It is a great relief to finally be at this point. It makes me hopeful again and ready to accomplish so much more.

The girliesThe kids were on their best behavior through it all. They played hard with Donnie’s children who were also there. One big hit with the kids – the hammock! lol Though this little one napped contently on the ground in the shade.The babe


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