Moms Are Superheroes Too

According to my 5 yr. old daughter, moms are superheroes too.

The children and I went to the house yesterday to finish up some of those projects I started and posted about last…cutting up and bagging debris left over in the back yard from a pool, and cleaning out the garage for a storage room. I brought the truck and was able to load into the bed everything I had been bagging up. By the end of the day the truck bed was full and it was no easy task heaving these huge black trash bags up on the tailgate either. Between every bag I would sit down just to breathe and think about my next move. I couldn’t sit too long though, because Lula wouldn’t understand.

Before hauling an old, wooden water well up the hill to where the truck was parked in the driveway, I sat down to evaluate the easiest path. I had just left Lula in the back yard cutting the pool liner into pieces for me. She is an excellent, hard worker and wonderful helper. The boys were off gallivanting as usual. Anyway, she made her way over to me and questioned what I was doing. I told her I was about to move the water well up to the truck to clean out the yard. After all, I had room and it made sense to fill up the truck with junk every chance I had. I just had to sit down first. Her response was, and I quote, “Superheroes don’t take breaks.”

Needless to say, I didn’t sit for very much longer. I was so in awe that she thought her mommy was a superhero. I’m not doing much, but I’m doing what I can. She sees that and is learning to help, work hard, and do her best too. I did explain to her though, that sometimes it is good for even superheroes to take a break and plan the safest, easiest way of doing a task.

Bathroom Gutting If you are wondering why I haven’t displayed many pictures of the house’s interior for a while, I will tell you. When we gutted some of the rooms downstairs, it only made them look worse. I know that is probably to be expected, but who wants to see yucky pictures anyway! For example, the white walls in the bathroom were not in great shape in the first place. When we tore into them, everything looked even more terrible. We went through layers of tile, wallpapers, thin drywall, and plaster. By the time we gutted the room down to bare walls, we had gained 4 or 5 inches in both directions.

However, that has been some time ago and Kenney has run electric, and framed in doorways, new windows, and a pass-through since then. We hauled out truckloads of materials, pulled nails, and took up layers of flooring too. Everything is gradually looking better and pictures will be coming soon.

Our next few steps are replacing some of the flooring, putting the window and electric in the bathroom, and framing the bathroom door. We will be running the cold water soon and hopefully be getting a toilet put in. The roof has not been started yet, but we are buying the materials now. When the kitchen is under new roofing, we will start in there.

It sounds a little far-fetched maybe to think that this will all be completed, insulated, and drywall hung in 19 days. I have tremendous faith in Kenney; and I, after all, am a superhero! ;)

2 thoughts on “Moms Are Superheroes Too

  1. Just like a superhero, you are freakishly strong for being such a little lady! You must get that from Mom. : )
    Love ya!


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