Time Is Of The Essence

What a week this has been so far! I surely have enjoyed myself. Since Ken works on weekdays and the kids have activities in the evenings, I have been spending my afternoons home…that is at the new house. Of course I don’t know how to run electric or frame in a window, but the house needs a lot of attention in areas that are right up my ally too.

Yard work may not help us get moved in faster, but it certainly needed done sometime. It seemed like a good idea to transfer starters of all my flowers and plants that I’ve been raising for 6 years. I’m not finished yet, but over the past few days I have been moving over lilies, daisies, moon flowers, irises, woodland phlox, etc. I’m pretty excited about transforming the narrow walkway behind the house into a charming path through a flower garden. This hasn’t been an easy task considering most of the soil had more rock under it. As much hassle as the rock is though, it is also really beautiful and can be used for landscaping.

Well, it isn’t a total transformation yet. I still have a lot of work to do to make it look like it does in my head. It is coming along though and already looks so much better than it did. The pillar in the back of the picture is for my bird bath. It took everything I had to get the base of the bird bath that far. So I took a break and never went back to bring the top down which is just as heavy. That will have to be done another day. Oh well, I’ll add it to the long list! lol

The walkway around the back of the house leads to this yard on the right side.

The walkway around the back of the house leads to this yard on the right side.

The biggest task I undertook this week was removing the debris left over from a pool in the back yard. The last home occupant had left an above ground pool that at some point in time fell in and was eventually covered with fallen leaves and ground coverings. It wasn’t easy pulling the liner up out of the ground and bagging the pieces.

I can’t believe now my first idea was to roll the whole thing up and squeeze it all into one bag! I finished cutting half the pool into 3ft.x3ft. sections yesterday. This half the pool filled up 4 big black trash bags! No matter how grueling, I would love to finish this job ASAP so I can plant some vegetables here. It’s not too late yet, but I probably don’t have much longer to get a few things in the ground.

One bonus: the sand under the pool liner will be great for garden vegetables!

We didn’t always have perfect weather this week. Some days it rained pretty hard off and on and forced me to work inside. So when it began to rain the kids and I moved into the garage to clean up there. The garage has a nice cement floor and when clean will make a great place to store things. I cleaned up glass from the broken windows, and so many cob webs I get the creeps just recalling them all! Again, I never finished because when the sun would shine we would all head back outside. I did sweep up all the glass though and rid the place of anything hazardous to the children.  Now they have a great place to ride their bikes. They were so excited when I loaded them into the van. It’s a good idea to always keep them entertained. In the long run it helps me get so much more work done!

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