Moving Day scheduled!

You may have noticed we started a countdown on the blog for June 15th. This is the day we have officially scheduled to be moved into the new house by. It’s perhaps a little crazy on our part, but we thought the extra push would do us good. Besides, I’m not sure that this whole endeavor hasn’t been a little crazy! There’s no need to change our approach this far along.

We spent another progressive day at the house on Friday. Kenney framed in the door to the dining room which looks great now. I don’t know how the previous door stood in place as long as it did without falling on us anytime we walked through it! It certainly hadn’t been done properly before. It is going to be a nice, wide archway when we are done!

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Sunday however is when we (pardon the expression) really busted butt! We recruited lots of good help and cleaned out tons of gutted materials from the house. These past few months Kenney and I have been ripping and tearing out everything and stacking it by the door to the ceiling. Eventually it spread across the entire kitchen, and trickled into other rooms as well. It was no easy task, but my girls were fearless…Christina R. and Jenny B. There was nothing they couldn’t do. I couldn’t have asked for harder workers.

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Meanwhile my mom scrubbed, swept and mopped some of the upstairs rooms where we will be storing most of our things. We simply will not be able to have any of the rooms ready to move into by June 15th other than a few downstairs. So I put mom to work cleaning upstairs. We needed some decent rooms for our furniture and clothes to be stored in. Not only could I store nice things in them now, I could probably eat off the floors! I won’t…but I could. Thanks mom.

Oh, yeah! I almost forgot to mention the men and their contributions. Well, I guess it was handy having them there, but I think Christina, Jenny and I could have handled it. ;) I better tell the truth or I’ll never get them to come back! lol

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The guys were amazing. Of course they had to eat before we could get them to do anything, but then dove right in and loaded up trailer after trailer along with Kenney’s truck too. Scotty R. and Donnie A. were able to bring trailers all the way up to the house after one outfit told us they couldn’t set a dumpster in the same place because of the turns. They also measured the roof for tin and helped us girls fill and haul out the wheel barrows full of gutted materials. Scotty pulled out of the ground nearly on his own one of those rusty clothes line poles that stand right in my front yard. Little did we know until he heaved it out of the ground it had cement around the bottom 2 feet deep! Needless to say he left the other one where it was. lol There’s one eyesore gone anyhow!

We really made a lot of progress, and I am so happy to be able to see and walk through the house again. The kids asked this morning if we could go back, but I think I’ll take one day to recuperate first. “After all, tomorrow is another day.” ~ Scarlett O’Hara

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