I just love surprises! Kenney called me from work yesterday to tell me he finished up a job and was coming home early. He could have killed time delivering more bids or working up some estimates. Instead he asked me to look up directions to a window outlet that sells new windows at a fraction of their original cost. It turns out it was an hours drive away, but well worth the gas. We bought our dining room and bathroom windows for $129.

For the dining room we found a window close to the same size as what we are taking out. Only it’s a much better window and can easily be matched up to later when we do the other rooms.

Obscure GlassIt’s the bathroom I’m most excited about. Fortunately we found a window with obscure glass that was perfect! Well, the size was a little off, but the window opening can be cut bigger to work considering the room is completely gutted anyways. This beautiful, 30″ish x 60″ish window cost us only $35!

Afterwards, we swung by the house to drop off the windows and mow the lawn. It looked beautiful when we were done. A little bit of landscaping later on, some exterior work to the house, and this place will look amazing when we are done!

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