Going Home…

Every week a little bit more gets done at the house to make things more convenient and to show better progress. As I stated before, we have started wiring the house. Wouldn’t you know that the first piece of furniture (well, appliance) to be taken to the new house would be a refrigerator! We don’t have a working toilet but leave it to the McGill’s to make sure they do have food before anything else. lol

It sure is good to have lights in the ceilings and finally be able to use power tools to get jobs done faster! We still have some wiring to finish in the bathroom and kitchen, but this is one job we can nearly check off the list (at least for the time being). Of course we will have to revisit wiring later when we do the other rooms, but we are only concentrating on the kitchen, bath and dining room right now so we can get moved in. Can you imagine six people sleeping in one room? Well, at least life at “the new house” is sure to provide good, comical blog material!

Besides finishing the electric up, we still have the roof to put on too. It seems that spring is the season for roofing because Kenney has been roofing on the job since the weather broke. It’s about time that we start on our own roof. A new tin roof will be a huge improvement to the place! We still have some minor framing repairs around doorways and such that need some work before we drywall and a few new windows to put in these rooms as well. Below are pictures of my youngest helping us to gut the bathroom walls. Don’t let his size fool you! He was a very big help. ;)

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There is always something to do, so we try to go over as often as possible considering the distance and time that has to be allotted. We are less in the habit of calling the place “the new house” as I still do on the blog. More often we pack our tools, jump in the van and say, “O.K. Who’s ready to go home?”.

Speaking of going home…We have two ducks we raised a few years back that were a gift to the children from their grandparents. They recently flew back like they do every Spring. The kids have enjoyed feeding them and finding feathers in the yard again. It is amazing to me that they are still around. Who knows how far they fly off to every winter, but they always find their way home!

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