A Rewarding Weekend!

Dining Room GuttedWe made some amazing progress this past weekend thanks to warm weather and good friends! The dining room is completely gutted, both the walls and the ceilings, down to the bare studs which are in excellent condition. The sub-floor underneath the linoleum is also in great shape. It is such a relief that this room doesn’t need anything unexpected before we can start finishing it out!

The weather was ideal! Saturday my mother watched the kids for us which helped us to take full advantage of our time at the house. On Sunday the kids played their usual games outside…rolling downhill, jumping in the leaves, a balancing act walking over the stones that line the driveway, ect. Meanwhile, we gutted and pulled nails until our bodies were sore and tired. I almost would have rather been rolling downhill with leaves in my hair and who knows what else! My husband actually enjoys gutting, though, and was rewarded with an interesting find…2 silver spoons. We don’t know anything about antiques, but the one was dated 1881. We’ll be looking these up on-line soon and posting what we find out. :)

Dining RoomKenney put in some boxes for the outlets and light, and ran part of the wiring before our growling bellies forced us to call it a day. The room does still need a little minor framing work done. We are installing a new window, repairing a door frame, and creating a pass-through to the kitchen which I’m very excited about! This is one room of which I can already picture the final result, and that gives me hope and encouragement. Before too long I will be posting after pictures of a beautiful, finished project!

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