Plans For A Tin Roof

Now that the electric inspector gave us the thumbs up, we can concentrate on other matters. We have gradually been gutting the rooms downstairs in between projects, but now we can hit it full force and get it done more quickly. Gutting has been a grueling process. It is gross and dangerous. We have to wear masks and take many breaks for fresh air. This is because of the mold and coal dust from the old coal furnace. So like I’ve said before…it’s not fun.

However when we are done, the exciting stuff begins! So far everything we have done up to this point was important and necessary, but none of it has made much improvement to the look of the place. Us women care about functionality and that things look great! Often prioritized in that order…just as often not. Well, the house is about to start looking better.

House's Left SideFirst new thing on our to-do list is a new roof. All of the patches but one have held up great and got us through a few bad snows and lots of rain. There is however, as we suspected, one bad place in the roof that needs so much attention we can’t put it off till after we remodel unless we want our new flooring and drywall ruined! This is the flat area over the back of the house that covers what will be the kitchen and “school room”. Since we’re talking about completely replacing a 14×14 section of roof with a completely different kind of roofing than what is currently there, we have decided to replace the whole roof now and get it over with. We were looking at doing this by the end of the summer anyway. We mutually chose tin, and it was an easy choice for both of us. Kenney likes tin because it saves us money and is easy to install. I like the sound of the rain beating against it.

You may be wondering why we skipped working on the water lines which we previously stated we intended on doing after the electric was turned on. We decided against this because it didn’t seem like a priority when we can all jump in the van and drive two blocks to the nearest restroom. I guess that’s one of the benefits of living in town. Of course if the house were in the country, then we wouldn’t have to go anywhere! lol

Lastly, yesterday we spent some time at the house after the inspection that was good for the whole family. To keep the kids happy and behaving well while Kenney spoke with the inspector, I raked up the yard which apparently hadn’t been done in over ten years (the house was last occupied in 2001). The leaves were stacked at the bottom of the hill as high as my head. All four of the kids took turns rolling down the hill into the pile of leaves. Who said jumping in leaves was strictly a fall outing? Not the McGill’s apparently.

When we were ready to leave I took one long look around the whole place. I told Kenney that if I could just drive here everyday just to look at the place I would. I never knew it was possible to love a place so much! :)

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