Let There Be Light!

We finished the electric! O.K. Not all of the electric, but our initial plan was to run new service from the pole, down the outside of the house, and into the service panel in the basement. A job that would have taken an electrician one or two days took us nearly two months. Well, an electrician doesn’t have four kids rummaging through his tool bags and hiding his drill bits either. lol We also had some bad weather to contend with and a few extra trips to the hardware store to make necessary exchanges. Anyway, it’s finally done! Now we set up the inspection, and the electric inspector gives the power company the o.k. to turn on the electric to the house. We should know something more by the end of the week I imagine.

Not having lights or electric (or anything else for that matter) did not damper our first night sleeping over. Kenney and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary at our new home despite its lack of conveniences. He had candles lit and everything set up for a wonderful time.

I know that there are better more important things such as children, a spouse, family, God, and goodness. Owning your own place, at least in my book, ranks in at least the top ten. There is no better sense of security… and accomplishment… and happiness. There was nowhere else I would have rather celebrated my marriage to a man who made this dream come true.

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