Total Costs and counting: $12,006.23

I have been writing about the house before and afterwards, other things going on in our lives in between house projects, and the kids. One thing I have not shared yet that is always heavily on our minds is how much this undertaking is costing us. I hope it is not uncouth to talk about our spending; but we thought it might be interesting to reveal our costs up to this point and keep you updated throughout the whole endeavor. One reason for this is because we are proud of the money we are saving and want to inspire others that homeownership is possible even on an extremely low budget. Of course you must be willing to shop around a little and work a lot!

  • $5,453.35 House
  • $   156.92 Doors
  • $1,830.70 Roof
  • $  680.33 Electric
  • $    55.00 Building permits
  • $  910.00 Heating
  • $   184.68 Windows
  • $   184.18 Dump Expenses (minus money collected for recycling metal from the house)
  • $   453.52 Framing & Sub-flooring
  • $   696.58 Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures
  • $   970.21 Plumbing
  • $   185.00 Tile
  • $   146.52 Lighting
  • $     15.00 House Numbers
  • $     84.24 Flooring

Of course some of these amounts we are constantly adding to, because we are gradually paying for materials as we need them. So amounts (such as electric, windows, etc.) will increase as we start and finish new rooms.

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