How do we do it with 4 kids?

As much as I love getting on here as often as I can to update everyone on our progress with the house, I am writing today on my real favorite topic…my kids. They have been like little troopers! Most children would not tolerate so well those long days that we drag them out of bed early for an hour drive to a place with no bathroom, kitchen or toys. Of course we have to stay until dark in order to achieve anything. Then we have the hour drive back home where they have to be bathed and fed. By the time we accomplish all of these things its bed time, but I have yet to hear a complaint from any of them.

On the contrary, they love visiting our house and light up with excitement when we announce our intentions of going the night before. They spend most of their time outside because the house isn’t perfectly sound. We don’t allow them to wonder through the rooms just to be safe. Our yard where we are renting is mostly flat, so they can spend half of the day rolling down the hill at the new place before they get bored! Then there are all the trees to climb and old hand cut sandstones to jump across that line the driveway.

The inside isn’t completely off-limits. One of the first things I did at the new place was turn the most sound, cleanest room into a room for the kids to play in on snowy days. We fire up the kerosene heater and let the kids write with washable markers anywhere they can reach on the walls and the floors. I don’t plan on ever wiping down the walls and floors because these all have to be gutted anyway. The washable markers are because somehow the kids always end up with more on themselves than the canvas on hand.

My point is this…We have fortunately found ways to keep the kids happy while still being able to get so much done without having to depend on a babysitter (although my youngest sister did help me out once already). The kids love the place and are always making cute little comments like when Lula said, “It’s a good thing we have a new house so we won’t always have to go downstairs to the bathroom in the middle of the night anymore”.

I also have to share a picture from Kensington’s journal that amazed me for countless reasons. We were getting ready to leave our rental to go work at the new place, but because it was a week day I had to squeeze in some school lessons early while Kenney loaded up his tools and materials. Kensy’s journal is part of his “homework” that he does on his own every morning. Then I check it throughout the day when I get the chance before we are done with lessons for any mistakes that need correcting while they are fresh in his mind. It is a great system that works for us, because I am not a fan of homework in the evening (as if the school day isn’t long enough) that can’t be checked by a teacher until the next day. Anyway, this journal entry was special.

Kensy's Journal EntryThe detail here is amazing! My son is 6 by the way and had this finished before I even knew what he was doing. (Which in itself is astonishing because if you know Kensy you know he is the slowest child to do anything…chores, tie his shoes, even walk!) This beautiful drawing is exactly what the place looks like with the exception of the house and garage not really being red. He captured the actual sloping of the ground, the three maple trees with fallen leaves, the fence and steps up to the house, the roads in front of and behind the house, our red truck in the background, the steps up to the porch and porch railing, the garage with its side door, the fire pit and pile of wood that does lay in the yard beside of it, and the garden (complete with fence) that we will grow this summer.

I want to close with the latest thing I can recall Joseph said about the house, because he is just so funny. He told me today he really loves the house we live in now. I said, “I know, but we are all going to love the new house even more. You’ll see.” He asked, “Why? Does it have more snacks?” For those of you who know Joseph, I’m sure you expected something about food. It is never far from his mind! lol

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