Repair Leaking Roof…Check

Dad on roofNow that the holes are patched and shingled over, I can laugh at the irony surrounding our recent attempts to begin and finish this project as quickly as possible. The holidays made it difficult to find time to devote to the house which is an hour drive from where we live. During the holidays the weather was fine and we were grateful. As soon as we found the time though the rain and then snow started to fall. We worked at the house doing other things less exciting but important like gutting out an old furnace unit and hot water tank.

By the end of the week however the sun had come out and we made a special trip to the house planning to repair the roof and check on any more water damage. That’s when we found out that we bought a house on the coldest spot in the county! We passed a few dozen houses whose roofs were clear and being warmed by the sun. Our house sits on the side of a hill so that the sun doesn’t really reach it until noon. Then it sets at five on these short winter days. If the snow was going to melt and we were going to take advantage of the sun’s warmth on the roof today, we had to get creative.

My dad and Ken, my husband, ventured out onto the roof early to shovel off the snow. Then while we waited for the roof to warm slightly we gutted the walls in the kitchen singing along to the local country station on my dads AM/FM radio. Wearing face masks was barely bearable but the dust we were stirring up and who knows what else made it a good idea.

The kitchen guttedLater, Dad made a ladder out of scrap wood that hooked over the peak of the roof so they could stay up there without sliding off. Kenney barked orders, and I toted shingles up the ladder. Seriously. You thought it was the other way around didn’t you? Well, he is the roof expert in comparison and I only had to tote four shingles at a time a couple of times.

They patched the two holes we knew about and two more spots we didn’t. Now we can move on, slowly making progress one step at a time!

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